mercredi 3 juillet 2013

A la maison / Back home

Il pleut, il vente, le rosier est bien défleuri, Yves continue de pêcher des homards, celui-ci pèse 1kg750, je suis rentrée, l'opération s'est bien passée, je pense, immobilisation, pendant combien de temps ? Un mois. J'aurais vraiment le temps de faire pleins de câlins à Miko, qui n'en a jamais assez. Des amis anglais m'ont promis de me faire parvenir des livres en anglais, c'est très sympa.

It's raining, it's windy, roses are falling down, Yves continues to fish lobsters, it weighs 1kg750. I am back from the foot surgery, it went well, I think,I will be quiet for one month !!!
Miko, my little cat will have a lot of hugs, he never have enough. English friends will send me English books, so nice of them.

4 commentaires:

dosilaterre a dit…

ha ! je viens de voir ! bon rétablissement alors !! bises

Peter a dit…

Bonjour Armelle,
I do hope that you will feel much better soon when your foot heals after the surgery. I was thinking of you recently and wondering when your operation would be, and now we know!

What a magnificent Lobster. It looks beautiful enough to paint, as well as being good to eat!

Miko and our Nigella Stopit are "like peas in a pod" (I don't know if you have that saying in French??).The two cats look like twins! I am sure that he will enjoy having you around.

Very Best Wishes, P, L & NS

Armelle Léon a dit…

Merci Do, j'espère que tout ira bien.

Armelle Léon a dit…

Hello Peter,
Thank you, I do hope too and I do hope your back will feel much better soon too.
Yves takes care of me and he have less time to fish, a friend of him gave us a couple of locker shrimps, I can't wait to taste them.
"like peas in a pod" is a very nice way of speaking, I think we don't use it, we say "they are as alike two drops of water" and really they are.
Best wishes to all