mardi 26 novembre 2013

C'est flou, ça craque, ça coule / It is blur, it cracks, it flows

Des résultats très différents sur biscuit et avec un émail different, toujours avec le même engobe bleu. Mais j'attendais autre chose, mes tests me promettaient un blanc semi-transparent !!! 

Very different results on bisque ware and a different glaze, with the same blue slip. But I was expecting something else, my tests promised me a semi-transparent white!

Oribé et rouge de fer
Oribe and iron red

Oribe and ash glaze, oribé et émail de cendre

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Peter a dit…

Gooood Morning Armelle!
I am sorry to have been slow to add a comment, we have had several busy days. We had a table at a craft show in Dunedin last Saturday, and I have been trying to get some sets of mugs and cups finished.

Potting is a frustrating business! Your blue slip really blurred and ran which must be annoying where you have decorated so carefully. The blue of the runny areas was rather beautiful though... It did remind me of my blue chun (that refuses to work for me any more!!).

I would be interested to test the recipe with my materials and see if I have similar results? Which recipe did you use for the blue slip?

I am testing some glazes to try to find a good clear one that fits the porcelain that I use without crazing. My stoneware ones do not always fit the porcelain as well as I would like, so I am experimenting! I will let you know if I find something that works for me, it might help you too!

I must now go to the studio and turn the feet of 30 small bowls that I made yesterday... fortunately there is a cricket match on the radio today... which might keep me entertained!! :)

Kind thoughts to you,

Peter, Laura, and Nigella Stopit

Armelle Léon a dit…

Hiiiii Peter,

Sure without you, there is no comment on this blog, so, I am waiting for them :-)

Potting may be frustrating when one wants to got something and yes I wanted to have a semi-transparent white. Anyway I am fine with the blue areas runny effect too. I had this effect with another glaze I put over the first one with a slip trailer.

For the blue slip I used Yo Thom recipe. For the first glaze I used the 26 of Montmollin. Over my clay I had some pinholes, I had not at all with my tests (without ash)
Potash feldspar 55
Calcium carbonate 19.8
Talc 4.2
Silica 21
+ tin oxide 4
+ pin ash (unwashed) 3

Over (slip trailed) it's Michael Coffe Nuka glaze :∆10-reduction/
I tried it very thin over some porcelain tests, not mine, it is good, a beautiful glaze.

I really want to do sculptures now, I am not fine on the wheel, and I would like to make something different, though I have no idea, so it's not confortable at the moment.

Best wishes to all

Peter a dit…

Bonjour Armelle,
Early start today, before 4am...., but coffee helps! I enjoyed the drink and also looking at Michael Coffee's blog. The Nuka glaze looks very nice, thank you for the reference to his site.

Thank you also for the glaze recipe and for letting me know that you used the Yo Thom slip. I will try the glaze and the slip myself and see what happens to it on this side of the world!

I forgot to say last time I wrote that I enjoyed looking at your "gallery" page and your "last works" page, it is delightful to see a good selection of your work displayed like that.

I wonder if the title "Last Works" should be "New Work" or "Recent Work"? "Last works" is correct in a literal sense, but its meaning also conveys the sense of being a collection of art or music by an artist or composer who has died. Thankfully you are still alive!! :)

I might write about "the last works of Beethovan", or say "These were the last works of "Turner", but about someone living I would say "This is new work by...", or "This is current work by...", or "This is recent work by...".

I am sad that you do not get more comments on your site, you make lovely pots, take nice photos, and what you write is interesting. I think that many people read blogs without commenting, so you probably have lots of secret readers out there!

Now I must return to my studio. Yesterday turning the feet of 30 small bowls took me far too long, and I was quite tired by the time I finished. I did listen to the cricket, and... New Zealand were doing very well too... Hoooray!

Best Wishes,

Peter, Laura, and Nigella Stopit

Armelle Léon a dit…

Hi Peter,
Thank you so much for your english course, I really need it, yes thankfully I am still alive !!!
Nice to know you like my pages : 'Gallery' and 'Recent work'.
I have to go to work now, too much thoughts, and not enough work for me at the moment, I am tired and it's not the body, the mind is getting lost, sometimes one have to gather his thoughts and reflect on their work and it's not so easy.
Good evening to you both + Nigella

audeterrienne a dit…

Quel dommage, tout ce travail qui n'arrive pas au résultat que tu voulais. Allez, bon yapuka recommencer ! Ok, plus facile à dire qu'à faire. 100 fois sur le métier tu remettras ton ouvrage...

Armelle Léon a dit…

Coucou Aude,
C'est le 2eme four de suite qui me déçoit, mais bon, oui 100 et 1000 fois, il faut recommencer sans se décourager. D'autre part, j'ai vraiment envie de me concentrer sur mes idées de depart, ce que je souhaitait réaliser il y a cinq ans. J'ai l'intention de laisser la couleur de cote et m'occuper plus de la forme, enfin je vais voir ce qui va sortir.
Alors, du gel dans le Lot ? Ici il fait super beau, le ciel est bleu, bleu, bleu !!!

audeterrienne a dit…

Ben alors, tu restes prostrée dans ton trou depuis trop longtemps pour que je ne m'inquiète pas. Bon courage et essaye de donner un grand coup de pied dans le fond pour remonter.
Bonne année !

Armelle Léon a dit…

Bonne Année, bonne santé Aude, pas très présente en effet sur le blog, ni même à Belle-ile ces derniers temps, nos deux mamans sont très malades, des accidents dans ma nombreuse famille et j'ai du m'occuper des autres !!!

Mais comme c'est le temps des résolutions pour la nouvelle année, et bien, je vais me bo.uger un peu plus.

J'ai très envie de faire de plus grandes pièces, mais pas eu trop le temps d'y penser en fait et ce que j'ai fait, je vais le recycler, ce n'est pas ça.