mardi 12 novembre 2013

De la porcelaine et des arbres / Bone China and trees

Je n'ai gardé que quatre pieces, il me faut 500 grammes de grès pour faire des bols de cette taille, ici seulement 350 grammes de porcelaine, mais j'imagine que la perte au feu va réduire considérablement la taille de ces pièces.

I kept only four pieces, I need 500 grams of sandstone to make bowls of this size by only 350 grams of bone china, but I guess the loss on ignition will dramatically reduce the size of these pieces.

Palmier-chanvre, palm-hemp

Chêne vert, holm oak

Châtaignier, chestnut

Pas de pluie cet après-midi, nous avons pu planter des petits arbres, le palmier est déjà en place depuis un moment, les palmier-chanvres se plaisent bien à Belle-ile, le chêne vert était plié en deux et commençait à faire des racines avec les branches hautes, c'est un arbre de la forêt primaire de l'ile. Je crois que je ne les verrais jamais très grands comme ils peuvent le devenir.

No rain this afternoon, we were able to plant small trees, palm is already in place for some time, the palm-hemp is well in Belle-ile, holm oak was folded in half and began to make roots with the high branches, it is a tree of the primary forest of the island. I think I will never see very large as they can be.

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Peter a dit…

Bonjour Armelle,
So good to read that you are able to work with clay again. I am glad that the operation on the shoulder has been of help to you. I also am using porcelain at the moment and I can make a large mug from 350 grams, but need 420 grams of stoneware to make the same size! It is interesting to find that something similar is happening for you also.

It is nice to plant trees, it is enjoyable to watch them grow and to think that they may be still growing 100 years from now! I planted some oak trees here about 18 or 20 years ago and they are quite tall now. They grew from acorns that my nephew collected when he was at school. I love the green new leaves that they grow in Spring, they are such a cheerful colour!

Best Wishes, Peter, Laura, and Nigella Stopit (who likes to catch mice and small rats outside and bring them into the house and let them go again! She finds this very entertaining!)

Armelle Léon a dit…

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your kind comment, my shoulder is much better now, though the foot is still not so fine. Well, nice to know you need less clay to make a mug when you use porcelain.
It takes much more time to make the foot, I think, I have no entertainment with porcelain, I plan to bisque the bowls before using blue slip and I don't dare to decorate on raw.
The oak we have here in Belle-ile is a green one. It means the leaves are green all the year long. They are different from normal oak, like holly leaves. In twenty years, I will be old, anyway, maybe I will see tall trees in my garden ?
Miko has decided that it is winter and doesn't hunt anymore. He is sleeping night and day and becomes fat.
Best wishes to you all and good luck to Nigella with mice