lundi 18 mars 2013

Tests, tests, tests

A droite, un flash de cuivre
Terre de Belle-ile, émail : terre de Belle-ile et cendre
Des bonnes et des mauvaises surprises dans ce dernier four, il y avait beaucoup de nouveaux tests : nouvelle terres, nouveaux engobes, nouveaux émaux. Malheureusement le dernier engobe blanc, mélange de faïence et de porcelaine réagit assez mal avec plusieurs émaux, les bleus sont bien meilleurs que celui que j'utilisais auparavant.

Good and bad surprises in the last unloading, there were many new tests: new clays, new slips, new glazes. Unfortunately, the last white slip, a mixture of eathenware and porcelain reacts badly with several glazes, blues are much better than what I was using before.

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goej a dit…

Nice with some new experiments....

I also gather clay in the summer, to try out during winter.

Today I'm returning home to a kiln cooling down. Inside is some samples of new comercial glazes and some tests, I made, with lowfire barium glaze.

So exiting.

Hope your having a nice day.

Armelle Léon a dit…

Hello Gabi, thank you for your comment, this raw clay I gathered and used alone needs to have something more in it, it bubbles a little, it was nice anyway to try.
I am looking forward to see your new glazes test.
Best wishes to you

Peter a dit…

Hello Armelle,
I do like the exciting brushed blue decoration on the bowls in the first photo, particularly the one on the right where the blue is really dark and bleeds a little.

The bowl in the second and third photos has a beautiful profile, I think that the modified rim works really well, it is graceful and alive!

I see the bubble problems inside. Frustrating. I had something similar happen in a test where I put a shino glaze over a tenmoko. I think that the problem in my case was that the shino was too stiff to let the gas from the iron oxide in the tenmoko glaze bubble through it and heal again. Is your blue decoration under a glaze, and does the cobalt have other things with it that might produce some gas??

I'll be glaze testing today.... (groan!!!)

Kind thoughts from us all, P. L. NS & G

Armelle Léon a dit…

Hello Peter,

Thank you for your kind comment,I think the probleme is the glaze, there are not a lot of iron in these new recipes of blue slip. This glaze worked well, and now is not so good, not enough water, I suppose ? Glazing problems are frustrating.
Best wishes with your glaze tests