samedi 14 juin 2014

Jour J moins trois mois / D Day minus three months

Il fait très chaud dans l'atelier-véranda et je passe mon temps à déménager les dernières pièces afin de ralentir ou d'accélérer le séchage. J'ai bien du mal à gérer les plaques une fois roulées, elles sèchent trop vite.  J'ai fait des grandes pieces organiques et elles ont juste la taille maximum pour mon four, à moins d'emboiter deux pièces et de doubler la taille de cette façon.

It is very hot in the workshop-veranda and I spend my time moving the last pieces to slow down or speed up drying. I find it difficult to manage once the slabs are rolled, they dry too quickly. I did some large organic pieces and they just have the maximum size for my kiln, unless to built two pots and to double the size this way.

Le four se remplit très vite et je pense déjà aux cuissons de dégourdi et d'émail. J'ai fait des quantités de tests, j'aime bien ce dernier, tout simple, faience rouge et cendre. Bien sur entre le test et une plus grosse pièces, des ajustements sont à faire, il coule !!!

The kiln fills up very quickly and I already think about the firings bisque and glaze. I did quantities of tests, I like this one, simple, red earthenware and ashes. Of course between the test and a bigger pot, adjustments should be made, it flows !!!

Quelques notes du cahier, from the notebook :

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Peter a dit…

Exhibition deadlines can certainly be stressful, but it is lovely to see such progress. It is very interesting seeing what you are doing with slab clay. What a back to front world we live in..., I am having trouble getting my pots to dry because it is too cold here, and you have them drying too fast!

Kind thoughts from all of us here at the Old Post Office! P,L,& NS

Armelle Léon a dit…

Thank you for your kind comment Peter,

The heat has arrived suddenly and it is nice all the same, but of course you have to play with it when working with clay. I think of you and your pots, it is winter on your side of the world, it was easier for me to work this winter with slab clay, but of course when drying takes too long, it's also boring.

Just enough stress to be alert and aware of the delay, finally I'm not too worried, at the moment.
Anyway I wasted some good paper and I will have to go back to the painting.

Fortunately there will be a good exhibition soon in the contemporary art center Kerguehennec, organized by Maeght Fondation, many good artists, from Giacometti to Tapies. It's not far from home and I hope to take some inspiration.

Best wishes to Laura and you