dimanche 29 juin 2014

La dernière cuisson / The last firing

Je suis contente de ma dernière cuisson, l'émail à la cendre et à l'étain fonctionne bien sur la terre rouge et l'ajout de sable donne quelques surprises sur l'autre terre, ça fond, ça fissure. Cela m'évoque la terre encore liquide du magma. 

Faute de faience rouge, je remets à plus tard les essais d'émail de terre et cendre que je souhaitais réaliser.

Les formes sont plus sculpturales, organiques, inspirées des coquillages et crustacés que l'on peut voir et manger à la côte.

I'm glad with my last firing, the ash and tin glaze works well on red clay, and adding grogged sand gives some surprises on the other clay, it melts, it cracks. This reminds me of the rocks still liquid magma. 

Lack of red earthenware, I will make a clay and ash glaze on the next firing. 

Shapes are sculturales, organics, inspired by shellfish that can be seen and eaten at the coast. 

Appliqué fin, le nuka fonctionne bien aussi sur la porcelaine, et me donne envie d'en tourner, ce sera pour plus tard, j'ai repris la peinture.

Applied thin, the nuka works well on porcelain, and makes me want to throw on the wheel, it will be later, I am back to the painting.

2 commentaires:

Peter a dit…

Hello Armelle,
Lovely to see your new work, what a nice exhibition you will have! It is good that you find inspiration in the environment around you, and those shellfish that can be eaten! All madly busy here... the only one that can rest is Nigella Stopit the cat!
Best Wishes,

Peter, Laura, and Nigella Stopit

Armelle Léon a dit…

Hello Peter,
Thank you for your kind comment, I didn't check my blog these past few days as I am mostly painting with ink on Chinese paper. Yves has got a back ache and I also do the work at home alone, poor of him.
We are eating our zucchini, beautiful pale green ones are very productive. This year, mildiou didn't attack tomatoes and I hope to be able to eat some of them soon.
Best wishes to you all at home, Nigella is very lucky